Impact Lean Strategy

The traditional mindset of creating social impact depends on the linear method which begins with social needs assessment, then design the development project, then goes to the society and implement it.

Thus, the social needs assessment tools are designed for products and services that do not exist in society. social needs assessment questions can be:

  • If we offer a product with the features and advantages of X and Y, would you think it is useful for you? Yes, Maybe, No
  • What key advantages do you prefer to see in the product/service?
  • What key problems and challenges did you face in case Y?

But everything may change. The product may don’t fit the beneficiary’s needs and wants in the real experience.

The lean impact strategy depends on the go directly to the beneficiary with minimum features and advantages, then implementing it directly to the narrow circle of the organization (connections, former beneficiaries, early-bird beneficiaries), then adding the advantages that only matters to the beneficiaries and removing the advantages that do not matter to the beneficiaries.

So, in general, the lean concept is to focus only on what matters, and ignore what doesn’t matter. The same concept applied to data.

Lean Data Model. Human-Centered Data

Impact Lean Strategy

Thus, the impact design questions for lean impact strategy will be like how did you find the product after your experience, in addition, to observing the beneficiary behavior and record notes.

We summarize in the following table the difference between traditional impact strategy and Impact Lean Strategy, and how research tools differ:

traditional impact strategy and impact lean strategy


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