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Are you a small or a medium company? Here are three steps to use data in competing with big companies

Many small and medium business leaders look at the growth of those giants such as Amazon and worry that there’s no place for them to prosper. In fact, there’s a large, wide-open playing field for incumbent firms to reposition. The key to your company’s survival in the post-pandemic period is to use the data you have readily available to identify your profit peaks and profit drains and strategically align your organization around your profit core...


You also have Big Data Treasure in your Organization! Here’s How to Use it

We may think that big data exists only in big organizations. Actually, you can find it everywhere, in your small business, even in your personal devices, your mobile phone, and your smartwatch! Big data is a term used to describe information of an order of magnitude far greater than has been encountered before. Typically, the big data come from social media such as: Facebook Twitter Instagram And connected devices such as: Satellites closed circuit television cameras...


Is My Research Report Attractive and Useful? Ask the Robot

This Robot helps you evaluate your research report in respect of usefulness and delivery. We use the Human-Centered Report framework. This Robot can be used by: The research team: to evaluate their report before sharing it. The decision-maker: who received a report and wants to evaluate it. The Robot will automatically appear on this page to help you.OR you can access the report anytime from here.


Impact Lean Strategy

The traditional mindset of creating social impact depends on the linear method which begins with social needs assessment, then design the development project, then goes to the society and implement it. Thus, the social needs assessment tools are designed for products and services that do not exist in society. social needs assessment questions can be: If we offer a product with the features and advantages of X and Y, would you think it is useful...

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