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The Longer the Questionnaire, the Worse!

The more we add questions to the questionnaire, the more we get information. Maybe that’s rights, but what about the quality of data. The fewer questions we include in the questionnaire, the higher quality of data we receive because respondents will have more time to answer each question. Researches show that “the more questions you ask, the less time your respondents spend, on average, answering each question”. So, the quantity of questions affects the quality...


7 Tips to Do a More Human-Centered Interview in Data Collection

Interviewing is one of the key tools in data collection, whatever you are implementing an in-depth interview or a quick one, think of the people you are interviewing as human and not research objects and numbers. To do a more human-centered interview, here are seven tips to consider when humanizing your data:   Interview design: 1- Communicate face-to-face: In-person communication is best, as it allows us to see the reaction, body language, and hear their...

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