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Who we are?

Human Centered Data LLC is an ambitious for-profit and for-impact company that helps individuals and enterprises integrate data into their culture through the human-centered data mindset.

Human Centered LLC Data is a registered business in the State of California, USA.

Our Sister Brand:

We work closely with our sister brand Human Centered Investing LLC that helps investors put humans at the center of their investments.

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Our Partners:

Because we are artists and data scientists for-impact group, we are working closely with global networks in art, data insight, and social impact, to create together the future of data.

We are proud of our partnerships with:

HCD partners

Our Story:

  • Have you thought about how come we represent human feelings and opinions with abstract data?
  • Have you thought of those research reports that are full text, numbers, and pages, then you had no benefits!
  • Have you received research findings that are already expected? Or recommendations that are not useful!
  • Have you bought an analytics system, then did not get benefits?
  • Many pieces of research show that cultural challenges — not technological ones — represent the biggest impediment around data using. Thus, data and research are the issues of culture and mindset.

So, we are dreaming to change how the world thinks of data and analytics, starting by changing individual’s mindsets, and enterprises’ cultures toward data and analytics.

Our Purpose:

Inspiring the world to use data analytics in a new innovative way that is beneficial, profound, and human!

Our Theory of Change:

  • It is a mindset: The key challenge of using data in decisions is the culture and mindset, and not the system and technology.
  • Start by individuals: Changing the culture of enterprises toward data starts by changing individuals’ mindsets.
  • Innovate: To change the individual mindset toward data, we should innovate data solutions that are desirable, applicable, and even feasible.
  • It is time to interact: To do so, we should innovate data solutions with people and not for them, thus we created this platform to interact with people, and talk about our cases and thoughts

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