If You Answered Yes To These 9 Behaviors, You Are A Data-Driven Person


Data-driven is a mindset and not a system, it is how individuals think and make a decision. Data-driven organizational culture depends basically on having data-driven individuals, and many researches confirm that data is a mindset and not a technological issue.

So, here is a checklist of nine behaviors that data-driven people have:

Data collection related behaviors:

  1. [   ] I read a new book monthly
  2. [   ] I read news and analysis weekly
  3. [   ] When I have a critical decision, I ask at least three experts to get advice
  4. [   ] When I have a critical decision, I read a lot about topics related to that decision.

Data processing related behaviors:

  1. [   ] I use digital software to arrange my life (tasks managers, budget tracker, etc.)
  2. [   ] I relax and make mindful exercise at least once a day
  3. [   ] I am able to understand charts and indicators

Data use related behaviors:

  1. [   ] I don’t trust the insights and opinions that are NOT supported by data
  2. [   ] I balance using data and my intuition when I make a decision

Data-Driven Person


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